more chambray

This post is titled More Chambray, but it could just as easily have been Can You Be Professional In A Mustache Necklace—the answer, I think, is yes—or Sorry I’m Not Sorry My Belt Is Brown And My Skirt Is Black.

I’m still into this chambray, and I’ve dressed it up and down here. What do you think? Can you take that casual fabric to work? 

(I’m not sure why everyone is hating on nude tights. Sometimes I get tired of so much color on my legs, but it’s still winter, and I’m not crazy. So nude tights it is. Also I think this look would be a great opportunity for a bright red lip.)

When there’s snow on the ground, I usually turn to my rain boots that look like real boots. Here I paired the chambray with my dark denim and hoped it wasn’t too jean on jean, even though that’s sort of almost exactly what it is. Also threw on my handmade scarf, just because I could.

Thanks errbody. Hope you make it through your Thursday ok. We’re almost there!

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