Earlier this week, I made some looks in my fantasy closet featuring patterns. If you’re new to mixing patterns, or like the idea but just think its too crazy, I would recommend starting small and keeping it professional. Like this.

(Shoes are from Target, pants from the Gap, shirt from Topshop, blazer from my mom’s closet, clutch from Kate Spade.) 

Stripes and polka dots may be a little zany, but nothing is more classic than black and white. Just two patterns, and two colors. But still fun, I hope. Throw in a sparkly clutch and you’re good to go! Which, you know, is sort of my answer for everything.

I had pined after that clutch for weeks until I scored it on sale from Kate Spade. Don’t you love when things like that work out? A friend of my had a similar experience with Jack Spade. (Have you guys seen Jack Spade? I don’t care if it’s for boys, I want it all.) 

Here are some stripes and polka dots I wish I could wear. You know, for inspiration. 

I got a little carried away.

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