Sometimes, all your look needs to go from work to play, is a little change in your make up. Just a little bit can make you feel fresh, and give you a boost to change your attitude.

I talked a little bit earlier this week about how great eye shadow palettes can be. And it’s true. I use a purple palette from Mac just about every day. This is mostly because it’s a great palette that works for day and night and only a little bit because I like easy and consistent make up routines that take 30 seconds. Now I tried to show you on my eye, but it turns out my eyes have really small eye space, which makes it hard to see eye shadow demonstrations. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I’m pretty sure I heard a make up artist at the department store say that once. Anyway, so instead of my eyes, I made this handy chart.


This works with any four shades, of any color. I like this look for daytime, it’s easy, pretty, makes your eyes pop, and it’s easy. Sweep the second lightest color all over your lids, from eyelash to eyebrow. Place the darker color in the crease of your eye, for color and dimension and all that jazz. The lightest color can be used to lighten up your eye and make it look bigger, just dab some in the corner of your eye. You can also use it under/over your eyebrows as a highlighter. For the eyeliner, I like to wet the brush, and sweep the darkest color along just the outside of the top lash line. That also helps make your eyes look bigger: dark on the outside corner, light on the inside corner. To take it to night, shake it up. Add some eyeliner on your bottom lashes or more color, go for a cat eye, or use all the colors and do a smokey eye. (Bergdorfs does a good tutorial on a smokey eye here.)

Another great thing about eye palettes? Easy to carry. Throw it in your bag and change your look on the go!

Happy Friday!

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