It was Christmas last weekend in the Rae/#fatcat household.

I decorated the tree, and made some cookies. The cookies have little reindeer faces on them, if you can’t tell. It’s adorbs.

And as I got into a festive frame of mind, it got me thinking: What am I going to wear to the office holiday party?

Now, the holiday office party is a pretty unique kind of holiday party. I think it calls for a little bit of a special outfit. You’ll probably be seeing everyone you work with, don’t you want to look awesome? And professional, of course. The hard part, I think, is striking a festive and uber professional balance. After all, you’ll be spending the evening with your boss and your work bff. You have to literally go from your cubicle to the party. How do you dress for both gossipy boozing and professional facetime on top of a regular work day? So I went to the drawing board.

In the comments, please vote for holiday look 1, 2, or 3 to decide what I will wear.

Just kidding, I don’t own any of those clothes.

But if there ever were a time you were afraid to wear sequins to the office, holiday party day is the day of all days you should go for it. Make sure whatever is sequined is a professional shape (absolutely no mini anything), and pair it with a knit or a chambray or plain ol’ cotton to counter the sparkle. I’m also pro colorblocking with holiday colors (bonus points if you pattern block and wear tweed). It’s ok to be a little cheesy at work and wear red and green to the Christmas party, especially when you look awesome doing it. And for the jewelry? Go glam or go home.

I’ll share what I’m wearing….once I decide (yikes).


Here’s what I really wore!

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