I love weddings. Have we talked about how much I love weddings? And any other fancy thing that requires you to dress up and dance and drink and be merry? I love it. So let’s be prepared, shall we, in case we have to mix business and pleasure.

  • Get your hair ready. A top knot here, could also be braid, some curls, whatever you like. For dancing and merriment, I like a top knot. For cute professionalism, I also like a top knot. That is why I chose it. You chose what you like.
  • Maintain your accessories. Makes it easy to change in a rush and you don’t have to go searching for another necklace in your bag.
  • If you are dancing late into the night and you aren’t used to heels, I might recommend some business flats for your professional self, instead of heels the whole day. Gotta save your strength, you know.
  • In between your meetings and your fun, switch your pencil skirt for a fancy dress, leave everything else. Easy!

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