Memorial Day. That glorious day that proves summer is here. Or, in my world, the day every desperately needs off before they go crazy in the office and send one too many too-snarky emails. It’s time to bring out your whites, your barbecues, your booze, and your very stylish friends.

And here is my very stylish friend!

Everyone, meet Jedd. He’s on twitter. And he works for Politico and he’s as fashionable as he is funny, and you don’t meet too many of those.

Here he is traveling for the weekend in perfect casual cool:

And, in Jedd’s own words: Rae Rae, we were thinking of you in Youngstown, Pa. You’ve started a movement! With a change of belt and shoe, and added shirt, we went from traveling casual chic to bright and white Memorial Day ready.

I’m loving those whites. And the sexiness underneath. I mean, what? Ahem.

Memorial Day awesomeness, guys. How did you stay summer chic from day to night? And from traveling to partying?

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