Been a busy week at work. And it’s only Wednesday. Quick! To the bathroom to change in five minutes before you head uptown for a much needed drink.

See what I did here? It’s all about a good base layer. Black skinny work pants from the Gap can take you from the office to the party without having to bat a cat-eye-lined eye.

At the office:

  • Cover up. Wear that cardigan and work it.
  • Lower heels. Still cute, and brought some color, but not quite as sky high as my after-work shoes.
  • Low pony. Mostly out of necessity to get my hair out of my face.

At happy hour:

  • Show some skin (just a little). I have a black tube top on top of my black pants to fake out a jumpsuit. I replaced my cardigan with my kick-of-neon sweater vest for a little fun, but you could just as easily go bare shoulders here, obvs.
  • Party shoes. I replaced my shoes with some that are a little sparkly, a little teal and a lot high.
  • Hair. High pony. High impact.
  • Make up. I did some cat eye liner and reapplied mascara. I also threw on a little Laura Mercier matte serum to take out the shine without caking on more make up.

Voila. Go enjoy the party. You’ve earned it.

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