to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 14

to do lists of the semi-adult

Ever feel like you just can’t stand looking at another baby picture on your Facebook news feed? Not me and Jewels. We LOVE baby pictures and want to see all of them. We also like pet pictures, food pictures, screenshots of texts, and basically any kind of snippet into your life. And if we don’t want to see it, that’s cool, we’ll just skip it or follow someone else, no worries.

In this ep, Jewels and I tackle what we document on social media, and what we do to document personal life for ourselves. We have both used Project Life, which is an easy, flexible scrapbooking system. You can see some of our project life spreads hereherehere and here. I also keep a file on my computer desktop where I stash pictures I like when I happen to see them, and then occasionally I’ll upload the whole folder to a picture printing service and print them all.

We also worry about keeping up with digital storage, and Jewels mentioned, a service for keeping your digital photo files safe. (There are apparently a ton of companies that offer this kind of service.)

I like to keep a sketchbook for personal documenting and journaling every day stuff, and Jewels uses her planner to write to journal a little bit, too.

In the lighting round, I talk about the amazing book The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, who run Go Fug Yourself, and Jewels is reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. This week I was cooking with Blue Apron again and Jewels made beef and mushroom stroganoff meatballs.

Also, everyone should buy this Stila liquid eyeliner from Sephora, if you’re into liquid eyeliner or thinking about being into liquid eyeliner. It is the best.

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