To Do Lists of the Semi Adult: episode 8

to do lists of the semi-adult

In episode 8 of To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult, Jewels and I talk about traveling. Jewels is heading to California to see her family–which is super exciting, but packing and navigating  the airport is not.

We also talked about what we can do to help new moms. Jewels and I are not expecting, but friends and family of ours are, and we want to be able to help as much as possible without being a nuisance in an already emotional time. There is tons of advice on the Internet, and I suggested making yourself available, bringing drugstore supplies, and dropping off food on the front porch. Do you have any advice for us? Let us know.

Jewels and I had great Labor Day weekends: I went to the Field Museum and went to a goodbye for Anana the Polar Bear, who is taking a trip while the zoo redoes her habitat. Jewels went to the Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia and had a great time.

As for the lightning round, I am reading Acceptance by Jeff Vandermeer, and Jewels read John Green‘s The Fault in Our Stars, which I’ve heard I should definitely pick up.

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