to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 5

to do lists of the semi-adult

In episode five of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult, Jewels and I talk about making friends as an adult. I think it’s harder than romantic dating, and that is already really hard. Jewels brought up this cool New York Times article on the science of friendship. (But if it were as simple as that, we’d all do it, right?)

We both think taking classes in something you want to learn is a good way to meet people with shared interests. It’s hard to make the move from acquaintance to friend, but I think it’s easier to get people to join you if you have solid plans to invite them to.

We also talked about my trip to Michigan, and A.J.’s Birthday Week, which included a Johnny Cash show at the Pittsburgh CLO Cabaret Theater.

We are having busy but fun summers, and Jewels is going to the zoo. What’s your favorite zoo animal? Mine are the bears, and Jewels’ is the lions. And the sea dragons. (Also, sometimes puppies play with cheetahs!) When I told Jewels about the dress I made, I also taught her about bias tape makers. You should check them out and tell them if you can get them to work properly–I think mine was the wrong size.

You can find us on iTunesStitcher, and our feed, and you can always find episodes on my podcast page.

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