marathon brunch

Marathon day in New York feels like a block party the whole city was invited to. Everyone is cheering, dancing, and clapping for strangers and friends. It is my favorite New York day of the year.

And my favorite way to celebrate athletic people running 26 miles is to relax with boozy brunch.

I live almost directly on the path of the marathon, so I invited people over. Everyone brought delicious food and drinks, and it was a really good time. We started with a coffee station that had a Dunkin Donuts box of joe and assorted sugars and creams.


You can’t have brunch without mimosas, so we whipped up a pitcher and out it next to the coffee station. My friends also brought a great rye ale, so we added that later. The food was great: hashbrowns, frittata, fruit, bacon, muffins, and a homemade funfetti dessert. I used some fabric I had on hand for a table runner and added mini pumpkins I got from the grocery store as an easy fall tablescape.


You know I love arts and crafts. I picked up some poster board and paint pens earlier that weekend so we could make signs to cheer people on. We had the marathon on the TV so we could watch the professional runners cross the finish line, and then we went outside to see the runners running real life.


I had a blast. One of my goals this year was to host a dinner party. I don’t think I’ll get it together (or get enough seating) before the end of the year, but this brunch allowed me to have some friends over for food and fun. And that’s really the whole point.


  1. jackiemallon says:

    That’s what I’ll be doing next year. Only Kenyans should run! 🙂

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