mary poppins bag (or my travel carry on)

I had such a great time traveling this past weekend. I got to spend time with my friend Jewels (of Oven Lovin) and meet a lot of really great people in her life. I was going to do this post about what to wear while traveling but over the weekend I realized my most important accessory was my carry-on bag.

carry on tote bag

My cousin gave me this bag. It’s the perfect color, goes with everything, is sturdy and sleek enough to be somewhat fancy, but can also go with casual things. And the best part is that it can fit everything I need to take with me on a plane AND zip all the way. Here’s what I had in it:

what's in your bag

The book I’m reading for book club, last week’s New York, my wallet, gloves, ear muffs, an umbrella, air plane snacks, my computer, headphones, a notebook, pens, toothpaste, Advil, sunglasses, regular glasses, my phone, my camera and a giant water bottle (last few items not pictured). What more could a girl need?

What do you carry when you travel? I probably overpacked, but since it all fit and zipped up, I couldn’t help myself. I felt so prepared.

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