top 12 posts of 2012

I love this time of year so much. I love the decorations and the parties and the holiday cards and seeing my family and friends. I love Christmas trees. One year I left my little Christmas tree up until April and made it into an Easter tree. My wonderful roommates didn’t kick me out of the apartment that year, and for that I am grateful.

It’s also a great time to take a look back on the year and set some goals for the new year that’s coming. Here’s the top 12, most viewed posts from Rae’s Days this year, counting down to the most viewed post.

  • 12.  (plans for) a home sweet home. I listed and schemed and loved doing this post because it helped me realize some goals for making my home my perfect escape.

plans for a home sweet home

  • 11. art. I ended up going with something else for my wall, but I am keeping this wall art in my back pocket to hopefully use somewhere else.
  • 10. polka dot. One of my favorite day-to-night posts. My hair used to be so long!
  • 9. christmas dinner keepsake. A really fun craft for my imaginary dinner party that I’m dying to host.

place setting

  • 8. a very mizzou weekend. A collage of the best weekend ever!
  • 7. yellow. A  work look with one of my favorite skirts.
  • 6. two weeks after. I moved this year! It was traumatic. Just kidding, it ended up being awesome, and this post checked in two weeks after moving day.
  • 5. dress up. Another work look with that yellow skirt. I sure got a lot of mileage out of that.
  • 4. ok, well. Yellow skirt again! See what I mean?
  • 3. on new york. This was my favorite post to do, probably ever. I loved writing it, and the responses were so great. I got to talk to so many people about New York and about creating their lives where they live.
  • 2. let’s share a cup. Coffee cups based on quotes from your favorite books combines three of my favorite things: crafting, coffee, and books!


  • 1. my promise to women. The number one most-viewed post of the year is my promise to women. In my promise, I defend fun, simple pleasures and promise to support other women in reaching their goals–whatever they may be.

Thanks for reading this year! It’s been a blast.

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