Yesterday was full of travel and family and food, so I’m a day behind on this, but here is what I’m Thankful for this year.

  • #fatcat. Cisco had a home with my brother before he came to stay with me two years ago, and he has brought so much joy and love into my home. Plus, he’s hilarious. And fat.

  • my family. We aren’t all near each other all the time, but a few years ago we started setting a week aside each year to get together for family vacation. I love, love, love this time I get to spend with everyone and that I get to play with my nephews all week. I am so excited we will all be together over Christmas this year. 
  • my friends. I have the most amazing friends in the world, and I couldn’t have made it this far in New York or in my life without them. They support my dreams, read this blog, talk celebrity gossip, see silly movies with me, keep me company on gchat, and travel halfway across the country to hang out with me. I love you guys, seriously. And this year, one of my oldest and best friends moved to the city to start a new chapter in her life. So I can see her all the time!
  • my apartment. I moved recently and unexpectedly. Even just thinking about moving sends me into an anxiety tailspin. But thanks to my friend Laura who kept me company on moving day and kept me sane on all the other days, I am making a home in a new place and having tons of fun doing it.
  • reading. I have a family full of bookworms. As you can see by my childhood books they still have in the basement, they have been encouraging reading all my life. And even now, when I have a new interest or dream, they give me a book about it. They always make time to talk books, and I make a living by reading and editing. I’m very grateful for that. (photo from my parents)

  • my sewing machine. My mom gave me her sewing machine a few years ago, and it’s opened me up to create things by hand. I can pass the time making beautiful (or, well, average) things, it stretches a new part of my brain, and I’m really proud of the things I’ve tried over the past few years.
  • this blog. By sharing some of my life with you, Internet, I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself and more confident in life. It’s been a blast to find people with similar interests and to chat about the things I’m doing. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for putting it all out there, but that feeling gives way to fun 99% of the time. And thank you, for reading.

But most of all, I’m thankful not to be out in Black Friday, right now. Instead I’m sitting in my parents’ kitchen as my dad makes lunch. Life is pretty good, yes?

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