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Coolest things I’ve ever done:

  • Be at the pope’s blessing on Christmas day. Seriously, I’m not even Catholic, but I do love Christmas, and it was a giant multilingual party in St. Peter’s Square.
  • See a Barcelona/Atletico Madrid soccer game in Madrid. Sports bring us together, people, all over the world.
  • I rang a bell that Paul Revere made in an old church in New England. I stood on the top steps, grabbed the rope to ring the bell, and swung.

Lamest things I’ve ever done:

  • One time I saw a bug in my kitchen and started crying. It was a rough day, but I really have no excuse.
  • My parents had this rule where I wasn’t supposed to do flips on our trampoline and at my neighbor’s house I did some flips. I then went home and confessed in tears to my parents. Apparently I cry a lot.
  • Do you guys remember the weekend the hurricane came to New York so we all went crazy in our apartments alone? That was pretty lame. I ate so much that weekend.

Earliest memories:

  • Me and my sister getting ready for bed one night in our house in Washington State
  • My mom getting excited I was reading a page in a book. Me being confused as to why this was exciting. (It was either a Bernstein Bears book or the one about it raining meatballs. Or neither and I can’t remember.)
  • I set paper on fire once when i was little because I wanted to see if it would melt. It didn’t. We had lit candles because our electricity was out.

Things I’ve done this weekend:

  • Watch the Olympic opening ceremonies and turn into a big pile of mush because I love America and sports and people and Hey Jude
  • Watched the Newsroom and turned into another big pile of mush when Will defended his staff and they all risked their lives for journalism.
  • Stressed out about work changes and life changes and apartment changes.
  • Took a walk and called my dad who said everything was going to work out

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  1. big sis says:

    Love you

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