I’ve probably worn this outfit a hundred times.

It’s easy, a black button up from H&M with Gap skinny pants and my striped shirt from Topshop. (Sweater from Uniqlo and watch from Target, if you are wondering.) And on the day I went to work after vacation was over, it was an easy thing to grab for because I knew already that it worked. But, this time, I added a fun clutch to tie it all together. I like this clutch. I like the gray and yellow color combination. I like that it tied my sweater and pants together and kind of played with the idea of stripes and texture. But most of all, I like that I made it. 

It’s knitted on the outside, black cotton on the inside. And it’s sturdy, so it will hold and of your things and fit into your hand without getting all droopy. 

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and I really like the way it came out. I just need to make a few adjustments and then I hope I can share more with you!

Oh, and if you want to take your clutch to happy hour but need more room for work? just toss it in your bag and make the switch later.

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