midweek inspiration

Happy Wednesday! My cool friend Anna sent me this article from Interview about Sarah Burton. She is amazing. Here, she talks about McQueen:

“And I think he sort of trained us all — trained me — to try to tell a story and to find a world that doesn’t necessarily relate to what everybody else is doing and to believe in your own instincts”

“Lee taught me that if you don’t believe in it, then you shouldn’t do it because you can’t stand behind it.”

“He made you challenge yourself all the time, which is why I loved working for him. Nothing was ever impossible. And that was amazing to be around. Completely inspiring.”

“I do think that Lee always surrounded himself with very strong women. How he cut for a woman, made for a woman, accentuated all of a woman’s shape—it was about the extreme accentuation of a woman’s shape. It’s always about strong women here.”

And with that, here’s the final round of the first week of Rae’s Days’ March Madness! The two finalists are stripes with chambray and my favorite silly sweatshirt. Thanks everyone for voting this week — we almost have a champion! Click through to vote, and check back tomorrow for the winning look of the week.

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