cash money

I’ve talked a little bit about my New Year’s resolution to save money. I’ve also talked a little bit about things I want to buy. Like everything on my shopping list. And these things:

So my question for you guys is this: When you are balancing trying to save and the urge to spend, what do you do? 

I love shopping. I like looking at pretty things and I can window shop for hours. I also like that I earned money on my own to buy something I want without going into debt—I think that can be a pretty empowering act. I like trying new styles and being excited about what I’m wearing and putting a little pep in my step. 

But I also like vacations, and I like knowing I’ll be able to buy a new computer when this one breaks without forgoing my bills. And I want to save. I have big plans for my future that include retiring, adventures, and my kids going to college. 

So how do you balance the saving and the spending? When you get the urge to explore and buy something new, how do you decide what’s worth buying now guilt free or what’s worth forgoing to have the future you want? Even if that future is a trip with your friends just a few months away. And how do you quell the need to try (and buy) new things without spending so much? Do you make things? Head for a thrift store? 

Seriously, any ideas? Suggestions? Leave ‘em in the comments. Let’s talk.

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