new year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! I rang in the new year with some lovely ladies in lovely New York. Do you do the resolution thing, what are yours? Here’s a few of mine:

save more money
be kind
be fearless, in style and otherwise
but accept myself.

To me, being fearless doesn’t mean doing everything. It means going after what you want, and saying no to what you don’t. Did you guys know I will likely never be the last one to leave a party? I love having fun with my friends, and I also like sleeping. Sue me. Also, I will probably never like putting away clothes, which makes things terribly messy when I can’t decide what to wear. And you know what? All those things are ok; I’m accepting them.

To celebrate one of the loudest nights in New York, and the resolution-making, I combined my new chambray shirt with an old party dress.

The topknot was a perfect setting for the New Year’s crown I got later that night. And here’s how I wore it hanging out with friends when I was home over break.

I’m really liking playing with the texture of this shirt, and I hope you don’t get sick of how many ways I’ll try to wear it over the next few weeks. None of these are traditionally office appropriate, though I think the more casual look could definitely work in a more casual work environment than mine. But I’ll show you some work looks, well, as soon as it’s cleaned and ironed.

Hope your new year is off to a great start! Tell me all about it, por favor.

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