Although I haven’t put up my Christmas tree yet, Rockefeller did light their’s last night, so let’s get in the Christmas spirit shall we? Or more specifically the present spirit. Now one of the most fun parts of Christmas that I know you’ll never admit to anyone is having a reason to think of all the cool presents you want. So here’s a sneak peak of some gift lists I’ll be throwing around over the next few weeks.

  • 1. A PS1 bag. Because a girl can dream, right?
  • 2. A make up brush kit. As @Bergdorfs reminds me each Sunday that I should be cleaning my make up brushes, I remember I should in fact buy some first. Would be a great gift for any makeup lover.
  • 3. Craft supplies! These are coasters from the Purl Bee, think how many crafts and presents for others you could make!
  • 4. A Kindle, the new touch screen. For book lovers, I highly recommend. 
  • 5. Some sweet arm candy. This cuff is Dannijo. Fun and cheap arm candy knockoffs are also much appreciated (maybe even preferable).

These are few things on my list, but I’ll be coming up with a variety of lists for some gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones. What’s on your list?? Tell me please.

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