green dream

Do you ever dream of a piece of clothing that you wish you had? I don’t even know if this exists, but I’ve been dying over a dark green blazer with some sharp looking shoulders. I’d wear it with some brown round-toed heels and a killer ponytail. This is my what-I-already-have-in-my-closet interpretation of the outfit I imagined. This is also the outfit I layed out for work! Phew, good thing I liked it when I tried it all on. (Loved hearing that some of you guys lay our your clothes, too).

I used a teal sweater I have. Wore it over another sweater and paired with a winter white skirt and my leopard shoes. Came out ok, if  not the outfit of my dreams. 

For night, I added some jeans and a blazer. Voila, party ready. (Jeans and a blazer are a solid party uniform, no?)

Or concert ready, if your friend happens to hit you up around the end of the work day with surprise tickets to a Three Doors Down show. Yes, they are still making music. And yes, it was awesome. Remember all the times your high school self belted out Kryptonite? No? Just me? Whatever, I’m not embarrassed.

Between the marathon, seeing Jeff Mangum, designer shopping (ok, browsing), and surprise VIP concert seats, I fell back in love with the city this week. And, really, when you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.

Have a great weekend errbody, as always you can find me at, on Facebook and @rclnudson.

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