lay it out

When I am really on top of my organizational game, I like to lay out my clothes the night before. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like to daydream about what outfits I want to wear when I get stuck on the subway without a book or I’m waiting for a meeting to start or while I’m brushing my teeth, for example. So if during any of these scenarios I come up with an outfit I think I will want to wear the next day, I search through my clothing rack, then through the piles of clothes that may or may not have accumulated in my apartment, then in the dirty clothes to make sure it isn’t lost completely, then decide on a new outfit because that one was dirty, then find what I will wear and lay it out like so:

(I know what you’re thinking: Rae, how do you stay so glamorous and organized? The answer is, you either got it or you don’t, kids)

I used to make sure I could find both shoes for said outfit, but my awesome shoe rack has made locating matching pairs a thousand million times easier, so that’s not an issue anymore. I do iron anything that might need ironing as I’m getting it ready. If I know I want certain accessories, I include them on the hangers.

Ta da! An outfit is born before the morning rush, and, most importantly for me, all the parts to it are located. Hopefully this one will go over without a hitch, and later on I’ll show you how I take it from day to night.

What’s your system? I’d really love to know. Tell me at, @rclnudson, on Facebook, or in the comments!

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