Hello! A super cute idea came across my Twitter feed the other day. Check out this picture of ribbon as bow tie, via Teen Vogue. So, I appropriated this idea for my Halloween outfit. Let’s be real, I wear a lot of black and you know I love orange, so I probably would have worn this color ribbon even if it wasn’t Halloween, but I thought it was a nice way to be a little festive. Plus I like how orange goes with those turquoise shoes. If your craft closet looks anything like my craft closet, you have several colors and varieties of ribbons to choose from, and I can’t wait to use this trick on other outfits!

For the office, pencil skirt and button up. Monotone with colorful bowtie.

For play time, take it casual with shorts and boots, much like the original bow-tie wearer in the picture.

See a trend you like on the Internet or on the street? Make it your own! Here’s another picture I loved and hope to try out soon with a flouncy skirt and fun pattern.

Show me your bow ties at raesdays@gmail.com, @rclnudson, on Facebook or in the comments! We had some great comments last week about what you keep in your bag, I’ll show you all soon!

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