sick days and online shopping

In the words of some character on 30 Rock, I have some weird sinus stuff. Although I’m not planning on taking a sick day, I think it’s time I give in and call the doctor. In the meantime, I’ll just treat tonight like a sick day, pop some NyQuil and online shop but not actually buy anything until I fall asleep.

I have this habit of filling my online shopping bag to the brim, and then just leaving it there in shopping purgatory forever, without actually checking out. I love it. I can be the richest person in the world, and buy anything I want, without actually spending any money or trying anything on. Maybe you’ve noticed I live in a fantasy when it comes to clothes sometimes, mostly with Polyvore. But sometimes browsing is nice—It allows you to explore your style, feel things out, and maybe look at something differently the next time you put your outfit together. So here is my pitch for online window shopping, catalog browsing, and all forms of looking around. Give it a try next time you want to kill some time, or are stuck in bed, or just because it’s Wednesday.

Let me know how it goes at, @rclnudson and on Facebook!

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