I tried to reblog this, but couldn’t work it out for some reason. But this is from one of my favorite people to follow on Tumblr and Twitter, Teen Vogue beauty editor Eva (follow her!)

hmmm, let’s put it this way. when I was renovating my apartment, I sent some revisions to my architect who called me, somewhat alarmed, to ask, “Eva, there must be a mistake. you’ve indicated that you want the closet to be bigger than your kitchen & bathroom?” that would be correct. so, long story short, my closet is quite large (for New York, at least). it’s a walk-in. and I may or may not have a separate storage unit so that I can rotate clothing based on seasons ^.^

One day, I hope to have that exact same answer when someone asks me about my closet. But for now, I am merely human. A human that lives in Brooklyn, in a studio, with small amounts of money.

I don’t even have a closet. Not one. Not for coats or brooms or towels or anything. So over time I have accumulated some furniture and organization tactics, and came up with something I am finally satisfied with to hold my clothes and many many accessories.

One thing that took me a long time to learn is the way you keep your things can really improve your quality of life, and the quality of the the things. (I’m sure there’s a more concise and clever way to say that. I’ll work on a slogan later). It really sunk in one day when I was running late for work and searching through a bin of shoes to find a matching pair. Any matching pair. And when I realized my purse looked a little bit squashed since I used it last season. So I splurged on the bookcase I had been pining after for months, filled it with purses, scarves, and boots and finally put together that shoe rack for under my clothes, and things improved immensely.

These are just some ideas, and a way that works for me in my tiny space. It will be different for you. Bag Snob Tina stores all her bags in boxes, with pictures on the outside. What do you do? Tell me on Twitter or Facebook! Or email me at I’m in the process of cleaning out some of my closet, so more on that to come as well. Happy organizing!

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