I’ve seen these bags around but hadn’t learned who made them until this past week. Meet Clare Vivier.

I love the bright colors and the simplicity and how I can picture any one of these bags sprucing up an outfit and taking a look from day to night. A few days ago, I filled my online shopping cart and was ready to drop the $468 it would take to get the bare minimum of bags I want. Then I woke up and realized I don’t have $468 plus shipping to spend on clutches, no matter how cute they are. So, while I scrimp and save and wait to buy one, I will have to make due with this:

I made it! I based the construction off of a bias tape zipper bag tutorial in the Purl Bee. I made it bigger and added some interfacing and lining for support and cuteness. The inside is black, outside is gray and zipper is white, which gives it a nice, clean look, I think. I’m looking forward to picking up some more zippers and making more in different colors/sizes soon!

Some weekend looks with my new cool bag.

Ways to dress it (and PS I Made This’ hair accessory) up professionally tomorrow!

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